As a Receptionist, you will be responsible for:

Warmly welcoming guests upon arrival and providing them with information about our services, facilities, and local attractions.

Handling check-ins and check-outs efficiently, processing payments, and issuing room keys.

Managing phone calls, emails, and inquiries, directing them to the appropriate departments or personnel.

Maintaining a tidy and organized reception area, including keeping pamphlets and promotional materials well-stocked.

Assisting guests with special requests or accommodations, such as booking reservations, arranging transportation, or addressing concerns.

Coordinating with housekeeping, maintenance, and other staff members to ensure guest needs are met promptly.

Keeping accurate records of guest information, reservations, and transactions using our booking system.

Adhering to security procedures and protocols to ensure the safety and privacy of guests and their belongings.

Responding calmly and effectively to any emergencies or unexpected situations that may arise during your shift.

Upholding our company's standards of hospitality and professionalism at all times, striving to exceed guest expectations and create a positive first impression.

As Receptionist, you play a vital role in providing exceptional customer service and creating a welcoming atmosphere for our guests. Your friendly demeanor, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills contribute to the overall success of our establishment.