Cover Letter: This succinct and well-organized letter is an opportunity for you to outline how we can be of assistance to you. Kindly specify the position you are interested in and your availability.

Comprehensive English CV: In addition to your personal information, your CV should present a chronological account of your educational background and professional journey, including the months and years. Please include your job titles, details about your previous employers (such as hotel size, star rating, etc.), and provide a concise summary of your responsibilities.

Document Copies: We kindly request that your documentation encompasses job references from up to five previous employers. Alongside these references, include relevant diplomas (university degrees, apprenticeships, etc.) and certificates (language courses, further education qualifications, etc.).

Photograph: Your photograph should be of high quality, clear, and properly exposed. Remember, the initial impression you convey can be of utmost significance.

References: Kindly provide contact information for two previous employers, including their name, phone number, and email address. Ideally, this would include your current supervisor and/or the supervisors from your last two positions. This will allow us to reach out to them for insight about your qualifications.