Overseeing the recruitment process, including sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and facilitating the hiring process to attract and retain top talent.

Managing employee relations by addressing grievances, resolving conflicts, and fostering a positive work environment conducive to employee engagement and productivity.

Developing and implementing HR policies and procedures in line with organizational objectives and legal requirements to ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees.

Planning and coordinating training and development programs to enhance employee skills and capabilities, promote career growth, and support succession planning.

Managing employee performance evaluation processes, providing feedback, and implementing performance improvement plans as necessary to drive employee performance and development.

Administering employee benefits programs, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies.

Handling employee disciplinary actions and terminations in accordance with company policies and legal regulations, ensuring fairness and compliance with due process.

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee records and HR databases to facilitate payroll processing, reporting, and compliance with data protection regulations.

Keeping abreast of changes in labor laws, regulations, and industry trends to ensure HR practices remain compliant and effective.

Serving as a strategic partner to senior management by providing HR insights and recommendations to support organizational goals and objectives.

As our HR Manager, you play a pivotal role in managing our most valuable asset - our people. Your expertise in HR management, along with your commitment to fostering a positive work culture and supporting employee development, contribute significantly to the success and growth of the organization.